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 New Version of RET Measurement System

New Version of RET Measurement System

Montag, Juni 26, 2023

Parametric introduces Next-Generation SPE-based Vibration and Audio Measurement System for Transport Applications

Wilderswil, August 31, 2023 – Parametric SDS, a market leader in high-rel monitoring solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of the latest iteration of the RET Wireless Vibration and Audio Measurement System. This new version incorporates time-synchronized sampling of distributed signals with microsecond range accuracy and introduces innovative sensors with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectivity, setting new benchmarks in ease of use and efficiency.

Distributed Time-Synchronized Sampling of Analogue and Digital Signals: This new Measurement System takes precision to an unparalleled level with its wireless microsecond range time-synchronized sampling in multiple locations. This technology along with flexible measurement triggering enables simultaneous and pinpoint-accurate signal capture across multiple locations, enabling unparalleled insights into system dynamics.

Innovative Sensors with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Connectivity: Our state-of-the-art sensors redefine convenience and effectiveness in rail monitoring. Featuring single pair Ethernet connectivity, these sensors streamline installation and maintenance while optimizing data transmission efficiency. This breakthrough technology simplifies integration and ensures minimal disruption to operations during deployment.

Ad-Hoc and Permanent Installations: Beyond its ad-hoc measurement capabilities, this new version enables permanent installation for active noise and vibration control. Paired with our AI-accelerated RAR4000 edge computers, this system dynamically responds to detected vibrations and noise, mitigating their impact and elevating passenger comfort and rail system efficiency.

“We are thrilled to introduce this advanced Measurement System to the industry,” said Andreas Koschak, Managing Director of Parametric GmbH in Wilderswil, Switzerland. “Our commitment to pushing boundaries has resulted in an open solution that not only fits a vast amount of measurement requirements but also transforms driving and rail travel experience through real-time control” This latest release reaffirms Parametric’s dedication to offering open, modular, easy-to-integrate and future proof measurement solutions. With an unwavering focus on providing transformative solutions, Parametric continues to drive progress in the field of distributed measurement systems.

For more information on the new RET Measurement System and its innovative features, please visit, call +41 33 345 01 55 or drop us an E-Mail at

About Parametric SDS: Parametric SDS is a brand of Parametric GmbH, a pioneering force in measurement systems used in transport and infrastructure applications requiring high reliability technology. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions, Parametric SDS aims to deliver data insights better than redefine industry standards and empower better data insights than global progress.

For media inquiries, please contact: Andreas Koschak ( / +41 33 345 01 55

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