PCR2 Configuration Payload V6

This document describes version 6 of the configuration payload introduced with Firmware V3.11.0

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Configuration Payload Format

This payload is used to remotely read / write device configurations over LoRaWAN.

Byte Property Description Uplink Values Downlink Values
0 Vendor ID Always 0xbe for Parametric Devices be ignored (*)
1 DeviceFamily Always 0x01 for PCR2 Devices 01 ignored (*)
2 PayloadVersion Always 0x06 for V6 Payloads 06 ignored (*)
3 DeviceType 00: PCR2-IN
01: PCR2-OD
02: PCR2-R
03: PCR2-T
04: PCR2-XIO
00-04 ignored (*)
4:6 Firmware Device Firmware Version, 0x030A00 = V3.10.0 030A00-030Aff ignored (*)
7 OperatingMode 00: Timespan
01: Not Zero
02: Trigger
03: CapacityAlert
00-03 00-03
8 PayloadType 00: ELSYS
01: Cayenne LPP
02: Extended (Recommended)
00-02 00-02
9 DeviceClass 00: Class A
02: Class C
00 or 02 00 or 02
10 UplinkType 00: Unconfirmed Uplinks
01: Confirmed Uplinks
00 or 01 00 or 01
11:12 UplinkInterval Send counting data in this interval
1-1440 Minutes
0001-05a0 0001-05a0
13:14 LinkCheckInterval Check LoRaWAN Link
1-1440 Minutes, 0 = No LinkChecks
0000-05a0 0000-05a0
15:16 CapacityLimit 0-65535 Objects (used for OpMode 3 only) 0000-ffff 0000-ffff
17:18 HoldoffTime Suppress multiple countings
0000-0258 0000-0258
19:20 InactivityTimeout Reset Sums if no countings for some time
1-1440 Minutes, 0 = Off
0000-05a0 0000-05a0
21 RadarEnabled 00: Radar Module is disabled to save energy, 01: is enabled 00-01 00-01
22 BeamAngle 30-80° Radar Detection Beam 1e-50 1e-50
23:24 MinDist Min Distance to Target 10-3000 cm 000a-0bb8 000a-0bb8
25:26 MaxDist Max Distance to Target 10-3000 cm 000a-0bb8 000a-0bb8
27 MinSpeed Min Detection Speed 1…MaxSpeed km/h 01-50 1e-50
28 MaxSpeed Max Detection Speed MinSpeed…80km/h 01-50 1e-50
29 RadarAutotune Radar Autotuning, 01: active 00 or 01 00 or 01
30 RadarSensitivity Radar Sensitivity, 100% = very sensitive 0a-64 0a-64
31:33 SBXFirmware Solar Charger Module Firmware Version, 0x040101 = V4.1.1 040000-04ffff ignored (*)
34 RadarChannel Radar Channel, 0 = Low Frequency (Default), 1 = High Frequency 00-01 00-01

(*) These fields values are ignored by the device when downlinking this payload

Payload Examples (Hexstring)

These examples show some example configuration payloads you might use as a starting point.

Default Settings be010600030c0000020001000a05a00000000000780128003200c80107003c00000000

Configuration Payload Ports

Uplink Port 190
Downlink Port 190

Best Practice

PCR2 devices accept downlink messages to Port 190 in the above format.

After sending the downlink to Port 190 it might take up to the Interval Time before PCR2 receives the data. (PCR2 are Class A devices)

As soon as the device received a proper Configuration Payload it parses the values and restarts with the new settings. Join procedure will start again and you should get the same Configuration Payload you sent before.

Note: Byte 0-6 are read only ROM values and cannot be changed

How to generate the Configuration Payload

You can use a config string sent by the device after joining the network and modify it manually. You could also use the PCR Setup tool to generate this string.

Keep track of your device settings

PCR2 devices are sending a uplink with this configuration string using Port 190. This is done at least once after devices joined the network.

Saving this information on your application server allows you to always know about your device settings.

Check Port and Payload Header in your decoder

Always check for port 190 prior to decoding a configuration payload. Additionally you could also check Bytes 0-2.

    // check for valid pcr2 config payload V6 
    if ( port == 190 && bytes[0] == 0xbe && bytes[1] == 0x01 && bytes[2] == 0x06 ) 
        // decode it


Find more example code in our public repository.

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