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Place a Radar People Counter at the door entry to limit people in the shop

To support fighting the spread of COVID-19, Parametric released a free firmware update that can be used to help small businesses regulating the number of customers in their shops.

How it works

  • Put your PCR2-IN in CapacityAlert Mode and enter the number of people you allow to enter the shop. Follow these instructions

  • Place a PCR2-IN at the door post (1.2m … 1.4m above floor )

  • Connect the USB-Power Supply

  • Device starts counting people entering or leaving. If difference is above Capacity Limit LED starts to blink.

Note: PCR2 could be connected to a LoRaWAN network to transmit numbers of people entering/leaving. If LoRaWAN is not available the device can be used offline.


Settings for Capacity Alert

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