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RAR4 Base Unit

Mobile Edge Platform to transfer your Ideas into 24/7 Solutions

RAR4 is an edge computer platform that can be used for condition monitoring, video transmission/transcoding or for any other 24/7 tasks in transport or infrastructure / machine applications

The platform includes hardware, powerful software interfaces and plugin support on the unit, configuration and supervision functionality and secure remote access


  • Very efficient fanless design
  • Dual Core 1.0GHz CPU and NVidia GPU
  • Wide range Power supply
  • 3G or 4G/LTE Mobile Connectivity
  • WLAN Module with access point
  • High Sensitivity GPS Receiver
  • Managed Ethernet Switch
  • Digital I/Os available (optional)
  • FRAM Memory for dynamic configuration and System Status storage
  • Railway and automotive compliance
  • Power supply backup for controlled power down in case of power outage
  • -40 - 70°C Temperature Range
  • Compact enclosure 105 x 170 x 34mm (with adaptable mounting flanges)

Software Support

  • Linux OS / Complete BSP
  • Integrated networking support with routing
  • Router operation software on device
  • Internal REST interface for use with any programming language
  • Integrated remote configuration and supervision
  • Sophisticated software support with plugin interface
  • Secure Remote Access

RAR4 is both a sophisticated router as well as a computing platform for edge applications.

RAR4 is made for integration of complex customer applications into transport or infrastructure settings. It is extensible both hardware- and softwarewise. Most of what is needed is already available by the platform, so why spend time to develop such functionality using a standard computer?

If you have an idea, a software or a technology that you want to use in vehicles or difficult infrastructure settings (gaz stations, full outdoor, dust environments, …) you should consider using RAR4 as a platform

Yes. In fact, the platform is made for that purpose even though we supply all software including remote access should you need it.

We do offer development units to project partners. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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