LoRaWAN Rodent Control pays off quickly

LoRaWAN Rodent Control pays off quickly

Andermatt Biocontrol AG and Parametric GmbH showed today the brand new TOPSNAP LR LoRaWAN enabled mousetrap at Swisscoms IoT Day in Zurich. We are very proud to add another interesting application to the LoRaWAN-World that pays off. It not only pays off – it pays off extremely quickly. Unconvinced? Let’s do a quick return on invest calculation …

ROI Calculation

A small grocery store has set up 10 mousetraps in the storerooms. On average 15 mice are caught per year.

Regional food law forces the owner to check them daily and to record the results for possible inspections. A daily tour takes 10 x 3 minutes and another 20 minutes for the paperwork. The person who does it earns 10 CHF or 10 USD or 9€ an hour.

Time spent during one year: 365 x 50 minutes = 304 working hours

The store owner then decides to invest in a TOPSNAP LR system that includes 10 mousetraps, a LoRaWAN gateway and 3 year of LoRaWAN connectivity.

The installation of the system is really easy as everything is pre-configured:

  • Connect the LoRaWAN Gateway to your internet router
  • Pull the strips from the batteries in the mousetraps
  • Install the Topsnap App, scan the QR code on each trap and a meaningful description for the trap (e.g. warehouse 1st floor)
  • Place the mousetraps
  • do something more meaningful with your time as you get notified when a mouse is really catched

Time spent during one year: 20 x 3 minutes = 1 working hour

The above system pays of in about 1 year.

ROI Calculation